1 Introduction

This is a walkthrough of the analysis of the motion monitor data from the 2018 grasp switching experiment. The user should install the packages in the motionToolkit repositories, using the instructions on the project webpage, which also contains a more detailed description of the packages.

All three packages should be loaded before proceeding:


1.1 Directory structure

To begin the project, our home directory is organized as follows:

+-- motion_data
|   +-- MDim1_s1_b1_0000.exp
|   +-- MDim1_s1_b1_0001.exp
|   +-- ...
+-- task_data
|   +-- MDim1 raw.txt

where motion_data contains the motion monitor output (.exp files), and task_data contains the EPrime trial output. All of the scripts used for the analysis will be stored in R.